There are ups and downs to having hot weather almost all year round. While I’d say that the Caribbean Islands have what is called sweet weather, there are days throughout the year when, indeed, the weather is getting stifling hot. For those times, one has to be prepared and what better way to do that than by cooling on the inside? I want to talk to you about a few great dishes to have in hot weather, so you can feel cool and prepared to face the sun.


Watermelon soup for hot weather


When you’re cold, a hot chicken soup is just what your body and soul need, but when the weather is hot and you feel like your AC cannot deal with it either, a watermelon soup may be exactly what you need. For us, here on the island, there is a hardly a dish that can beat this when it is too hot outside even to go to the beach. So, let me tell you about this soup and how you can do it, too.


Cut the watermelon in small pieces, carefully removing the seeds. Get the juice from a lime and puree everything in a blender. When you are done, make sure to strain all the watermelon juice without getting any of the pulp through it. The clear substance obtained this way goes back into the blender, where you mix it with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and chervil leaves. If you want to make the soup more consistent, you can add xanthan gum. When you are done with the blender, pour the mix into a bowl, season with Tabasco and salt and left it cool in the fridge. This is a soup better served cold, and it will surely have you all cooled and ready to party by night fall!


Don’t go easy on the spices


Spices make you hot, so you may think that it is the sole, most counter-intuitive choice when it comes to recommending spices for hot weather. But there is one reason why people in Central and South America love spices so much; spice help you sweat and cool yourself, so you will feel much better after you are done eating. There are so many spicy recipes I like that it is hard for me to choose just one. Nonetheless, I will try.


I like getting a pack of precooked shrimps and I sauté them with different spices. This is how I proceed. I pour a bit of olive oil in a pan and I sauté an onion, thinly diced. After the onion turns brown, I add a bit of ginger and I cook the mix until the ginger is soft. I add chili sauce, a bit of sugar and some ketchup for a thicker sauce. I prefer to blend everything in a blender for a smooth texture, once is done. In a different bowl, I sauté the shrimp together with garlic and ginger. Squeeze a lime over the shrimps and serve them with the sauce described above and you will feel like you would never eat anything else.


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