Hi everyone! We are a group of friends who moved not so long ago to Santa Lucia, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, and we want to share with you all our wonderful experiences! We all used to have corporate jobs until one day we decided that none of us was living the life we wanted to. So, we withdrew all our savings and we headed for the Caribbean, in search of a new life on a tropical island!


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We want to create this blog with the purpose of sharing with you everything that happens here. Everything of importance, mind you, but still something other people will hopefully learn from. Our blog will be focused on promoting living on this beautiful island that has a great reputation all over the world. We can say, as current inhabitants of Santa Lucia, that every great thing that is being said about this place is true.


We will talk in the pages of this blog about the most popular tourist attractions, as well as about less known us. We are pretty sure there are a lot of places to explore on the island and we are just getting started. Next, you will find from us about the best places around to grab a bit or have a drink on evenings, or even relaxing afternoons. So far, local food tastes heavenly, and none of us had any complaints.


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Island life is so much different from that on the continent. We could not imagine how things could be so different from what we knew. First of all, we discovered that stress is almost non-existent on a tropical island. Unless you can count as stress the tough decision of what swimsuit to wear tomorrow.


Santa Lucia is an amazing place and we urge everyone who can to come at least visiting. It is a place constantly filled with tourists, so you will not feel like an outsider anywhere you go. The locals are friendly and they will help you as much as they can, whenever you need directions or explanations. With so many wonderful beaches and resorts, it should come as no surprise that water sports are the most popular means of entertainment.


Through day and night, you will always find something to do in Santa Lucia. As residents, we know and we will learn a lot of stuff you cannot find in brochures. We all hope you will stick around to find more about life on a tropical island!



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