Most people would consider a chocolate fountain an extravagance. Actually, when I first heard about this utensil, I had a mental picture of the Trevi Fountain in Rome pouring chocolate rivers. Generally, I wouldn’t have thought about buying one, but I’m quite a social person and I host many parties at my house. One thing that can’t miss from a party, especially when you live in a hotchoco tropical area, are fruits. The more colorful and exotic, the more your guests will be thrilled and excited. Plus, fruits have a way of being not only tasty, but also wonderful as a natural ornament, if you know how to arrange them. By themselves, they make a party look more luxurious and pompous.

However, in time, even fruit arrangements, no matter how exotic and rare, get boring, especially when you have the same old friends and neighbors coming at all your parties. That is the moment when you know you must animate your gatherings with new devices and find new ways to make people gather in groups and communicate, since you’re throwing a party and you want all your guests to enjoy themselves and socialize with one another. Well, that is how I got to thinking about trying a chocolate fountain.

choco2I was skimming through a catalog and saw a small model – no sculpted nudes on it, but a multileveled device that promised to pump chocolate that your guests could taste or combine with various fruits. It seemed like the perfect choice for a party that took place indoors or outdoors in the garden. I took plenty of time to decide on a model, after all a poor quality chocolate fountain is no better than none at all.

I wanted to choose a high-end product that would run smoothly and not one that would malfunction and start throwing chocolate jets at my guests. In addition, I needed a product that functioned silently, producing little or no noise at all, as I was told that the mechanism that makes the chocolate pour over the fountain’s surface can get pretty noisy and, thus, be a nuisance, instead of a nice addition. In the end, the material was something I was concerned about. choco3Not only did I want a quality and resistant material, but I wanted one that would look exquisite too, even after repeated washing and long-time use. On that matter, I believe stainless steel was the best option I could find on the market. However, I also needed a multileveled product that will create a party atmosphere, so I bought a larger model, with four levels. The device I own includes temperature controls and a feature that adjusts how thick the chocolate that pours out of it is.

It was a success, of course. People gathered round it for minutes to taste the chocolate or admire it, and everybody adored it. Now, I’m checking to see what new models I can find, with various and diverting features to surprise my guests once more.



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