As I may have mentioned in other posts, here we deal with parties, not events. This is our motto and our lifestyle. In the end, why not? We moved here to escape quotidian burdens, annoying bosses and having to work all day on things that most of the time have no relevance whatsoever on a personal development level. Anyway, we’re throwing a surprise party for our friends here on the island to thank them for their hospitality, but also because we want to have fun. For this event, we decided that an outdoor party would be the most appropriate.

Summer drinks on sunny beach

We have chosen to hold the party on the beach and we believe there’s no better place for that. We want it to be an event strictly for fun and our aim is to ensure that everyone lucia8feels great. We’ll start in the early evening with a volleyball game (that’s something of a must around here) or a football game, depending on the choice of our guests. There’s a nice outdoor terrace that we rented for the party. However, we’re having a bit of a trouble deciding on what activities we should include. For now we have darts, backgammon and scrabble. It is very likely that people will prefer to dance and chat instead, but even so, it’s good to have them around just in case. As we mentioned, there’ll be good music and a place to dance (on the beach) so entertainment is lavishly provided

lucia9Our main concern is food related. How can we cook food for all our friends? In addition, how do we get everyone involved and avoid that some people socialize and others just hang around waiting for the food to be ready? In the end, we’ve found a miraculous solution – a raclette grill. For those who don’t know it, this is a type of grill that functions on electricity, and allows cooking a considerable amount of food at the same time. In addition to the classic grill, it also has a lower cooking compartment where you can make sauces and other simple foods. It was a great discovery for our purposes, because the raclette has a big size, so all people can gather round it and cook food together. It’s really an amazing item that we were lucky to discover for our party.

Therefore, we’ve send everybody a nice, informal invitation asking them to bring along ingredients that can be cooked on a grill, and to prepare various sauces. When we get hungry, we’ll just start cooking what we brought with ourselves and each and every one of us can get creative and prepare what they love most.

For my part, I am going to bring all sorts of vegetables and condiments. I presume they’ll taste delicious no matter what we put in them after a long volleyball game!



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