The Caribbean Islands must be the definition of heaven on earth, the way I see it. I seriously doubt that there is another place that can compete in terms of beautiful landscape, locals’ friendliness, amazing food, great views, nightlife entertainment, and the list could continue indefinitely. Unfortunately, I have to stop if I want to actually talk about the most important reasons why the Caribbean Islands are the place that everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime.


Amazing beaches

Do I really have to say more? Of course, since I really want to convince you that this is paradise and you should not deny yourself the happiness of spending at least a few days here, in the Caribbean, I have to say something more than “beaches here are awesome!”. The sand is delicate for your feet, the waters are a perfect turquoise shade, and the weather is perfect. The Caribbean Islands are the place to visit all year round, since weather is almost always top notch. You can even catch a tan when your friends go skiing!


It costs less to lead a luxurious life

Accommodations here are simply perfect. You can hardly find another place on the planet where luxurious resorts, hotels and restaurants simply abound! And the best part is that you can pay for all this awesomeness with just the fraction of the money you would spend anywhere else. When it’s not peak season, the local management is really slashing prices, even by 60%, so you will have plenty to choose from.


It is always the right time for a festival

I sometimes enviously think that people here, in the Caribbean, find it really easy to be so easygoing, since life is perfect here. I also think they are, without a doubt, the best people who know how to party. It always seems to be the perfect time for holding a festival, and there are so many cultural manifestations all year round, that you would feel hard pressed not to partake in at least one of these great events.


The food of paradise

Paradise would not be complete without perfect food, which is something these islands have aplenty. As you may suspect, seafood here is out of this world, and the local dishes taste heavenly. What I noticed, along with my friends, since we moved here, is that the Caribbean cuisine is really outstanding because of its fusion status. A place where many people come and go, the Caribbean Islands have developed a particular cuisine that combines African, Chinese, Indian, European and Amerindian cuisine. In case you are not the type who courageously ventures to try local food when you travel, you will find plenty of restaurants that cater to all kinds of customers. Basically, you can have some really great pizza or a juicy hamburger, without having anyone staring at you like they are not ok with it. Specialties for kids can be found everywhere, and even your pickiest child will find something they will love.


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