Hi there, everyone! We are glad to see you stopping by! We are a group of friends moved to Santa Lucia, one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean Islands, who are discovering the beauty of the place, and want to share it with everyone lending an ear. Our blog will be focused on the most important events happening on the island, as well as traveling tips for those who want to try the less beaten path.


We find that everything here is amazing, from the local dishes served in restaurants to the locals who are friendly and very well adjusted to tourists. We want to offer you some of the knowledge we are acquiring by living here day by day. For us, moving to the Caribbean has been, so far, the best decision we have ever made in our lives and that is why we want everyone to learn about the beautiful places we see every day. Even if you do not consider moving here, like we did, we at least hope to convince you to spend the holidays here, far away from the maddening crowd, so you can refill your batteries for the fast paced life on the continent.


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