Everyone’s grandmother was right. Mark Bittman’s Message? Eat your veggies

Sometimes, well most often, it is not the message itself but who delivers it that determines if it will be heard or taken seriously. Yes, there is definitely increase in chatter regarding food and health issues, especially as we are faced with the possibility of a declining life expectancy in the United States.

Everyone’s grandmother was right. Eat your veggies.

But when Mark Bittman, bestselling cookbook author, food critic for the New York Times and television personality makes statements like “eat more fruits and vegetables, less of the other stuff and you live longer,” the audience that is willing to listen grows rather exponentially.

In his TED talk on the way we eat where he explains that we eat too much meat, too few plants, too much fast food and too little home cooking, Bittman puts it out there.

Who’s listening?

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  • Mariko

    I’m trying! I have to hear it a lot. It helps when you’re a vegan masterchef. 

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    Everyone's grandmother was right. Mark Bittman's Message? Eat your veggies – http://bit.ly/9i37rv (via @joel_luks) #vegangoodeats #vegan

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